Carl's Wine Club

What if you could discover new Canadian wineries...with FREE SHIPPING, every time?

We challenge you to a year of Canadian wine discovery, with extra perks!

Please note: access to the tasting notes archive is currently under development and there can be a delay in accessing the archive. We apologize for this and will be in touch very soon once it is ready to be accessed! In the meantime you can still enjoy all other membership perks, and also will receive a complimentary extension of your membership.

$159 for one year, including tax
✔️ UNLIMITED FREE SHIPPING on any Carl's Wine Club winery feature. Min 6 bottles from each winery per order to one shipping location.

✔️ Concierge Canadian wine touring consultation. 

✔️ Complimentary in person tasting at one partner winery for up to 4 people (max value $80).

✔️ 25%  off special events (in person or virtual).

✔️ Complimentary 60 minute cellar management consultation (for appraisals, organization, drinkability evaluations, or advice on growing your cellar).

✔️ Everything in VIP and VIP Plus memberships.
$79 for one year, including tax
✔️ Three FREE SHIPPING credits to use throughout the year on any Carl's Wine Club winery feature. Min 6 bottles from each winery per order.

✔️ Access to rare and exclusive wines not found anywhere else.

✔️ Access to premium content, including at least one themed monthly virtual event.

✔️ Access to the new Carl's Wine Club searchable tasting notes archive.

✔️ Monthly prize draws.

✔️ 15% off special events (in person or virtual).

✔️ Everything in the VIP membership.
Free with any wine purchase through Carl's Wine Club
✔️ Access 2-4 winery features per month, with tasting notes and scores.

✔️ Early access to exclusive and limited release wines (so you can choose what you like before they sell out).

✔️ Invites to exclusive virtual and in-person events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is my VIP Plus or Unlimited membership valid for?
A: Your membership is valid for one year from the date you activate it.

Q: Where can I access my membership benefits?
A: Within 24 hours of joining, you will receive a link where you can activate your membership benefits like Free Shipping, place orders with your saved information, and see your future orders including tracking numbers! 

Q: What are the monthly prize draws I can win?
A: Each month we will enter VIP Plus and Unlimited members in a prize draw for things like glassware, fun wine related gifts and accessories, free tickets to events, free shipping upgrades, and gift cards.

Q: How do I use my Free Shipping benefits?
A: When you place your order through Carl's Wine Club, ensure you are logged in with your membership, and you will have the option to use your Free Shipping credits (for VIP Plus members) or receive Free Shipping (for VIP Unlimited members). Free Shipping applies to orders of six bottles or more from one winery. 

Q: Where can I ship to using Free Shipping?
A: We will honour your free shipping credits or Unlimited plan to any address in Canada that is serviced couriers or Canada Post, except for Nunavut addresses. Unfortunately we have found that wine often gets returned due to complex laws regarding alcohol in Nunavut. If you are in a location which is only serviced by Canada Post, we reserve the right to delay your order if adverse hot or cold weather is forecasted during the delivery timeline, since Canada Post cannot guarantee ambient temperatures during shipments and we don't want your wines to get damaged on the journey. Wines would be stored for you and we will communicate about delivery windows if this is the case.

Q: What is the 'premium content' we will have access to?
A: Each month, we will explore a different Canadian wine region in depth and you can access a highly interactive and fun virtual event to learn more about that region. Plus, we will answer fun questions like, what if we could see which Canadian wines stand up to the golden standards internationally? What if you could meet some of Canada's top winemakers and learn about wine through conversations with them? We do some of this for Wine Wednesday every week, but your VIP Plus or Unlimited membership will provide access to at least one monthly virtual premium event that you can attend via Zoom. 

Q: What are the wine regions we will explore during the Challenge?
A: Through our special events, premium content and featured wineries we will explore every Canadian wine region that is producing vinifera grapes. Including: the Okanagan Valley, Niagara, the Similkameen, Vancouver Island, Prince Edward County, Lake Erie North Shore, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and other emerging regions!

Q: What is the tasting notes archive and where do I access it?
A: Members often ask if Carl has reviewed a wine or if they can access the tasting notes for a wine. This can help a lot if you're deciding when to drink a wine, or just want to learn a bit more about the wine when you're about to open something from your cellar. Ironically, wineries don't publish tasting notes of their previous vintages once they're sold out...but you will have access to them! Once you receive your login credentials to the Carl's Wine Club website, you will be able to access a searchable archive of Carl's tasting notes and scores, updated frequently with newly reviewed wines. Carl tastes and scores hundreds and hundreds of Canadian wines each year. 

Q: What benefits do you offer for in person wine tours to Canadian wine regions?
A: VIP Unlimited members can access a complimentary consult with Carl & Mira to share specific advice and recommendations for your trip. We can assist you with itinerary planning, bookings, shipping your wine back home, and even provide a complimentary tasting for up to 4 guests at one of our partner wineries!

Q: What is your refund policy on memberships?
A: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your membership, you can request a refund in full within 30 days of activation. If you have used your free shipping credits or discounts, the amount of the charges you would have incurred without membership will be deducted from the refund owing. - 2020 All Rights Reserved
Questions? Drop us a line at or call 587-899-8249